Effective nutritional and health care for students in the exam season

The mass of knowledge and the pressure to pass university entrance exam have become the "obsession" of many students and affect the health, academic and examination results. Reasonable nutrition and health care for students during the exam season are very necessary to have an effective contest results.

It is a matter for parents and students to care about.

1. Appropriate nutrition: There should be  principles:

  • Eat enough energy and assure 4 essential categories of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals.
  • Ensure the balance between nutrients, ensure the balance between meals.
  • Ensure food diversity of 15 - 20 food items per day and menu of 4-5 dishes per meal.
  • Ensure food safety.
  • Make sure that the students drink enough water like pure water, fruit juices, milk ...

In the summer, soft and liquid dishes such as pho, rice vermicelli, noodles are good.

In the winter, it is necessary for the students to enhance the fried dishes to help them gain fat.

"Brain-boosting, eye-brightening" advertising drugs are expected to rapidly improve memory, increase awareness and strengthen intelligence, there are some effects, but they should not expect too much from these drugs.

2. Health care for students during the exam season

  • Care in case of illness: The hot weather is a very easy condition for the development of microorganisms and the decrease of body resistance, makes the students more susceptible to some diseases such as viral fever, acute respiratory infections, diarrhea and Dengue fever. The students need to do good care with fever reducer, fluids and stay aware of dangerous signs necessary to be taken to the hospital.
  • The scientific and reasonable living conditions: the students should spend reasonable time for taking a breath, relax and gentle movements ... to avoid stress and avoid fatigue.