What is calories?


Nutrition label (n.): nhãn thành phần Dinh dưỡng Reading the English nutrition labels on different foods’ packages is a great way to learn English.

 A large calorie (1 Cal) (n.): 1 calori (1 calo)

One degree Celsius (n.): 1 độ C

One gram of water (n.): 1 gam nước (=1ml nước)

The definition of one large calorie is the amount of energy required to heat up one gram of water by one degree Celsius.

Though I’m a huge fan of chocolate, it’s too high in calories. I can’t eat it because I’m on a diet. 

Fat (n.): chất béo, mỡ

Fat is an essential component of everyone’s daily diet, but too much animal fat is bad for one’s health.

Fiber (n.): chất xơ Protein (n.): chất đạm

Ovo-lacto vegetarians often eat eggs to obtain sufficient amounts of protein. N

Vitamins (n.): vitamin

It’s best to eat foods with Vitamin B and C on a daily basis, because both are good for the health.

Energy budget (n.): ngân sách năng lượng Energy burned (adv.): đốt cháy năng lượng Energy consumed (adv.): tiêu hao năng lượng To extract energy (v.): hấp thụ năng lượng 

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